2022 Artists

Bending Sunlight Glassworks

I am a mother of two adult children. I revisited my love for stained glass when my kids became teenagers. I took two classes in high school a couple of decades ago, but I am mostly self-taught. Professionally I work as a crime victim advocate for the City of Bloomington. Glasswork has become my passion and I love sharing it with anyone who is interested.

I work with both leaded windows and the copper foil (Tiffany style) method. I have restored several lamps, a large leaded transom window, and built numerous larger panels as well as suncatchers.

Sandra Seelhammer


I’m a local artist from Faribault and I am currently taking online courses through MCTC so I have the ability to grow my business! I enjoy interacting with other artists and spreading creative ideas!

My jewelry is handmade using natural crystals with a retro style twist. I make necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. My most popular design is the squiggle earring!

Julia Gates

Patricia Salmon

What motivates me as an artist is constant experimentation with materials. I received a grant to make glazes from alternative materials like bones, eggshells, plant stalks, and wood ashes. I experiment with the design as well as materials to create objects that hold both an artistic and functional place in our lives. Lately I have been creating wheel thrown planters for succulents that I propagate. My work focuses around a love of plants. I make functional pots for plants as well as garden stakes.

Patricia Salmon

Pauz Apparel & Accessories

I Custom design clothing and accessories, featuring cotton laces, lycra and knits. I also make Recycled handbags and accessories made from recycled books, magazines and publications. I love music and most of my product has a musical flare.


Nature and Wildlife Photography

I have been photographing nature and wildlife for more than 40 years. I have always strived for razor sharp images with good lighting, background and depicting animal behavior. In addition to taking photographs, I apply woodworking skills to create a variety of unique frames that further enhance my photographs.

Dave Angell

Sunspirit Art Glass

I make stained glass panels with all original scenes, flowers, agates and abstract designs. I have been showing art glass panels at fairs for the last four years.

Gary Dingler

Tami Resler Pottery

I make functional and sculptural pottery as well as decorative clay objects. Texture, shape and color all tell a story. I hope my work will be interesting to look at, but also to touch and hold. Whether a mug for daily use or a piece meant to be strictly decorative, I hope to have each piece draw a person’s attention and bring them joy.

Tami Resler


Nicole creates handmade jewelry using porcelain, paper, and silk in the “Boho” style. She is also an accomplished painter, working in various media. As an art teacher for the WEM school system, Nicole enjoys sharing her artistic knowledge with up and coming artists!



Laura creates beautiful, everlasting bouquets from handblown glass at her studio in Northfield, Minnesota.

Laura Heiman

Brigg Evans Textile Design

Never fear failure; the fear will keep you from growing your craft and lessen your experiences. Learn and apply in your own timeframe in your own creative approach.

Brigg Evans Textiles are fabric pieces printed from original scanned Serti Batiks created by Suz Klumb aka: Brigg Evans.

Suzanne Klumb

Down to Earth Stoneware

Pottery for me is a way to relax and let my mind wander. It is, and always has been, a therapy. I teach pottery, sharing my knowledge with others, as well as create pottery. Some of my pieces have a bit of whimsy and others are for everyday use, but all are meant to be handled, used, or displayed. Pottery takes me back to the earth and the basics and makes time slow or stop when I work. Relaxing…My pieces are a mix of functional and whimsical, for home and garden. Functional pieces have food-safe glazes and are meant for daily use, Raku pieces are decorative.

Dianne Lockerby

Jessica Leigh Designs

I have been making jewelry for 15 years. My passion is for messing up sterling silver with fire to make it look ancient and other worldly. I am obsessed with subtle details that are easily overlooked in everyday life. My work is about highlighting these kinds of subtleties through my choices of natural stones and texture through my silversmithing styles.

Jess Prill

Johnnie J Walker Pottery

I approach each new pot just as I would the sculptures I created out of clay. In the past, I always worked in a series: each new sculpture was similar to the last, but the work was always evolving in new directions with each iteration. I have always liked to push clay to its maximum potential even at the risk of failure. Sometimes the pots do not work out, but the payoff for pushing my skills and the medium to the limit is always rewarded tenfold.

I like to finish my pottery with glazes which accentuate their form and textures. I also don’t want a lazy glaze. If it’s going on my pottery, then it’s got to do something. It must move.

Johnnie Walker

Brian Knutson

I am primarily a landscape photographer. I enjoy capturing what I find in my outdoor adventures. I dabble in abstract and light painting photography. Most of my work is represented as it could be seen in person. I flex my artistic side and use digital editing to manipulate and enhance some images. In producing my work, I prefer to use reclaimed/rustic wood to build custom wood frames to compliment the images I capture.

I print landscape photos on paper and canvas, or occasionally metal or glass. I custom build the rustic frames, but the modern frames are off-the-shelf.


Jeff Jarvis

Following the family custom, I am a third-generation artist who practices painting, drawing, and photography from scenes of everyday life. I find inspiration in the natural beauty of the Cedar Lake area where I create my art from the surrounding landscape. My main source of encouragement in my early years was from my dad Harlan Jarvis, a fantastic artist in many ways.

Post-high school education has taught me how to navigate between fine art and graphic design. By blending my passions for art, history and technology, the results show up in work of all types and sizes - including fine art, murals, and printed pieces. I look at my world like a blank canvas as the opportunities for creativity are everywhere.


Tyler Bakken

I specialize in acrylic based paintings on canvas. My inspiration of my art stems from using art as a form of self expression while coping with depression. I paint a lot of skulls, but incorporate bright colors and living things as symbolism.

Most of my art is based around mental health awareness. My hope is that I can help people by sharing my creations along with my story. The barn wood signs that I create are made out of old barn wood. I love repurposing old things into things that you can hang on the wall.

Tyler Bakken

Lynn Hirshey

I am a teacher and own a small hobby farm with a variety of animals. Finding a use for my small flock of sheep has sent me on an adventure into the Fiber Art World. After years of working in spinning, weaving, wet felting of wool and other fibers from flock to finished project, I found my true love in the form of Needle Felting. I create felted soft sculpture in the form of animals real and mythical, as well as a few human-like sculptures in the form of ladies, elves and gnomes. The magic of the fiber as it often decides what it wants to be, gives me great joy and a desire to share the creations.

Kathy Weed

"The Nature of Quilting "

My passion is nature and all its beauty that surrounds us. I've quilted many years, recently turned to fiber wall art. Captured by pictures that I've taken in National Parks and our backyards in Minnesota.

I try to transform some aspect of the beauty with vivid fabrics, using a "raw edge" applique technique , and "free motion" quilting to enhance each piece.

I'm a native of Northfield, in retirement now, my husband and I have traveled and explored this amazing land of the USA.

Kathy Weed

Chris Willock

Chris Whillock was born and raised in Faribault, Minnesota. He and his family have been involved in woodcarving for over 50 years. Chris teaches classes, serves as a show judge and participates in events throughout the USA. runs a web site WhittlingShack.com. Chris enjoys whimsical carvings, wood spirits and relief carving mainly.


Jocelyn Sikel

I live in the rural Faribault area. I fell in love with oil painting in 2021 and I have been painting every day since I started. I have completed around 700 pieces in the last fourteen months. I paint landscapes and flowers. I enjoy taking on new challenges and learning to do different things with oil painting a regular basis. I also enjoy teaching friends and family how to oil paint.

Jame Zotalis

I am a regional Artist using the Regionalist artists of the 1930s as my examples. My mentors in Regionalism are Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, John Curry and Edward Hopper. I feel committed to using my world in a hundred-mile radius of my home to find my subject matter. I use pen and ink and watercolor as my art medium. My subject matter is collected by using my own photographs or drawing on location. I prefer to paint and draw landscapes, architecture and people. I love to capture sunlight and shadows in the manner of Edward Hopper. I prefer simple compositions that are clean and crisp with one or two-point perspective to create a three-dimensional depth on a two dimensional surface.